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September 24, 1998
The Record

Campus quiz: This decorative panel came from Cuba ... but where is it now? Answer below.

Big savings

Faculty and staff can save 25 percent on bargain books, St. Louis books, sweatshirts and hats at the grand opening of the Campus Store from 3 to 8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 28. The event, "A Salute to Saint Louis," celebrates the completion of a 10-month remodeling of the Mallinckrodt Center store. A 3 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony with Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton will kick off the celebration, followed by a 6 p.m. reading by William H. Gass, Ph.D., the David May Distinguished University Professor in the Humanities in Arts and Sciences. Also featured will be information booths on local attractions, including The Saint Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Zoo, the University City Loop and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Befriending music

The Department of Music in Arts and Sciences invites you to join the Friends of Music. Now in its eighth year, the Friends of Music provides scholarship support for music students and for undergraduates throughout the University who are seeking musical enrichment through private lessons. The organization also sponsors special music events for its members throughout the year. Membership is open to all members of the University community. For more information, call 935-4841.

College enrollment

The U. S. Department of Labor's Monthly Labor Review reports that substantially more women are enrolling in college than men: Of 1997 high school graduates, 70.3 percent of the women went on to college, as compared to 63.5 percent of the men.

Did you know?

The originator of football's screen pass was WU head coach R.B. Rutherford. A key pigskin innovator, Rutherford introduced the play in a 1918 game, and it was unstoppable. The University finished that season with a perfect 6-0 record, including a 20-7 victory over Nebraska, Rutherford's alma mater. The collegiate rules committee outlawed the screen pass in 1919, only to reinstate it a few years later.

Answer: The ornamental stonework can be found on the west wall of South Brookings Hall. It was a Spanish-American War memento sent to the University by Maj. John Stafford of the 8th U.S. Infantry, who had been detailed to the University earlier in the 1890s to provide military training for students.

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